Account information

Grams will encrypt all passwords on the server so if the server gets compromised our user's data will be secure.


Grams will encrypt all message with the recipient's pgp key and store them on the server this way. The only message that will not be store using encryption are the messages from our system.

No spamming! if a users sends out messages to our users advertising products and/or sites that user will be banned.


Reviews are here to help the community and to stop scamming on the darkweb. If a user post fake reviews or derogatory reviews they will be warned. If it continues they will be banned.

Grams Words

All listings on Grams words or any other advertising features of grams must be approved before going live. If you change the content of the page the ad links to after it is approved or try posting listing to scam sites or scam vendors you will be banned and will not receive a refund for your advertisement.

Child Porn

As a community the darknet has decided child pornagraphy will not be tolerated. Any users posting or listing anything do with child pornagraphy will be banned immediatly! No exceptions.


Grams has spent a great deal of time trying to secure our server to keep all users data secure. No bitcoins or any information that could not be gathered simply by going to the market or sites is on the server. So please dont waste our time and yours by trying to hack the server. If we even suspect you are trying sql inject, manipulate the bitcoin balance, or any other form of hacking we will ban the user.


Grams reserves the right to ban any user for any reason. A user who gets banned will not be given a refund for any bitcoins they had in their grams account. You can dispute your ban with the administrator by email.